I am the creator of this setting. I have many names. Mostly I go by Axel. I’m a butch nonbinary lesbian and communist and my pronouns are any and all (but particularly neopronouns). I like variation, so feel free to mix it up. If not, I prefer sie/hir or ey/em pronouns.

I’m a writer, poet, musician, visual artist, and game creator. If I ever finish anything and get published in a real publication I’ll link it here. I’m currently working on an OSSARIUM video game.


I have some rules when it comes to OSSARIUM:

  • Ask me before making any NSFW content in this setting. By NSFW, I mean sexually charged or explicit. Violence and gore do not count (they are blanket allowed). I can also help give you tips on the sorts of sex one might have in this setting.
  • All NSFW content made in this setting must be marketed as 18+. This is something I will discuss with you when you contact me.
  • Don’t be evil. I mean this wholeheartedly.
  • My characters (the ones listed on this website) belong to me. They cannot be repurposed for anything you make unless you ask me (and I will only allow it if I trust you and can advise you).
  • I have some stock characters available to use. They do not have personalities aside from the ones assigned to them by other creators. Multiple creators may use the same stock character, and if you don’t like that you can fight it out with other creators.
  • If you would like me to create characters for you, I’ll charge. An in-depth personality chart/description and drawing(s) will cost you $3 (CAD). Anything else is a sliding scale.
  • I also have certain rules on the language of the setting. This is something I will review when you send me your media.
  • Media made using this setting can be sold commercially, but I ask that you sell it for no more than $10 value.
  • There are some details I have purposely withheld in order to not spoiler the things I am working on based on this setting. If you contact me I may tell you so you can use those details in your media.
  • Contact me if you make anything in this setting. However, no credit (in the content of your media) is necessary.
  • Contact me if you have questions (about the setting or otherwise).

  • Here are some places where you can contact me:

  • Email: storage.master.69@gmail.com or neopronouns@protonmail.com
  • Twitter: richeater
  • Tumblr: mythdemeanours
  • Discord: fuck you, i’m gay!#9794

  • You may now proceed

    If you have not read these rules or choose to disregard them and make your stuff anyway, I’ll find out, and I will have no mercy upon your wretched soul.