I’ll eventually link playlists to these characters because I think very audially. But I haven’t made them yet. So, enjoy what I’ve got so far.


The protagonist’s name is Juniper. She’s a lesbian and Joolz is her (so far only) partner and lover.

Juniper likes leather, which is unfortunate because it’s hard to acquire in the city. She has a leather jacket, which she harvested, processed, and put together herself. It has some small flowers embroidered on the sleeves, and a little moon over her heart. It is delicate, so she only wears it to the bar when she’s trying to pick up chicks.

Juniper’s favourite pastime is catching cicadas.


Joolz and Juniper don’t live together full-time yet, but he spends a lot of time at Juniper’s home anyway. Ze’s also a lesbian and more interested in expanding his and Juniper’s family, so she spends more time at the bar trying to pick up cute femmes.

They don’t like leather as much as Juniper does. Ey does like her jacket though.

Joolz likes to watch the moon rise if he gets the opportunity.


There’s also Merewyn. He’s weird.

Merewyn is a gay nonbinary trans person and he is not in very good shape. There are many reasons for this, but it’s largely because he has problems.

Actually, Merewyn used to be upper-class and then he stopped being upper-class and it turns out that when you suddenly lose all your friends, family, influence, and money, it isn’t good for you. Merewyn almost immediately became the Prophet, and that lasted for an unknown duration before he ended up with Juniper.

Merewyn is generally nihilistic and bitter. He does like to flap his hands though.

The bloodbirds watch him very intently.