This is it. The real thing. What you’ve all been waiting for!

Firstly, here is a link to the characters I’ve made for my media in this setting. They are not for you to use (unless you ask, and even then possibly not), but I’m making it easy for myself to let everyone know everything about them when I upload my media for you all to access.

Here is a link to a page of stock characters you can use for free. I can’t guarantee that these characters won’t appear in other people’s media (potentially with different personalities). You can create your own characters or ask me to do it for you (but I won’t do it for free, except under certain outstanding circumstances).

Now that that’s out of the way, I can talk about what OSSARIUM actually is.

OSSARIUM is set in the city in the desert. This city is the only city. This city is the only place where anybody has lived for centuries.

A long time ago, the city was established in the desert. When the city was established, there were still people who lived outside of the desert—in the forest, in the mountains, and even beyond either of those. There was very much trade between all these places, and free movement of people. Then something happened, and the city was the only place left, having grown to an epic size. Over time, several disparate and large desert communities were amalgamated into one unbelievably huge city with a population of dozens of millions. The exact population is unknown.

In the city, there are no cops and minimal governance. There is technically a governing Council, which convenes every once in a while to make decisions in consultation with the Prophet (more on that later). These decisions do not typically have much of a bearing on individual citizens. The members of the Council are on constant rotation, but they are largely upper-class and thus most citizens are unlikely to have ever come into contact with them anyway.

The upper class is formed of people who inherited large sums of wealth from their ancestors, who generally held positions of power. These people live in spires above the city and do very little business with most citizens. They are so far removed from anyone on the ground that they are sometimes considered a sort of half-truth. In actuality, their numbers dwindle more and more every year as the gene pool shrinks and members slip out to assimilate into normal society. Many of the city’s spires are completely empty and/or inhabited by squatters.

There are more houses in the city than are actually needed by the residents